PORTSPURE Spring/ Summer 2020 Collection

This season, PORTSPURE explores the inherent duality that exists in everything and everyone. The hard and the soft, the balanced within the unbalanced, a constant conversation of sometimes complimentary, but oftimes contradicting states.

Silhouettes are sportive, taking inspiration from the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, but juxtaposed with chic volume and a relaxed masculine vibe. Conversations between masculine and feminine continue, highlighted in soft pleats that undulate gently beneath boxy boyfriend blazers and with tough denim playfully reimagined in shades of Sheer Lilac and Elfin Yellow.

Colors and patterns remain strong this season, with stripes modernized in a cropped pyjama ensemble while checks and plaids are boldly worn in matched sets. The striking  prints are offset within soft muted hues, again creating that dichotomy of contrasts. The pastel shades also play background for a palette of bold brushstrokes that sweep vividly across camisoles and maxi dresses.

Knits skim the body in the lightest of gauges, spun from dry-touch tech yarn, whilst weightier weaves are tight, almost jersey-like, draping the body like a dream. Transparency is achieved either with open weave-work or mesh, layering depth to the looks.

With the Spring/Summer collection, PORTSPURE continues to advance towards a more environmental sensibility – recycled materials and eco-conscious yarns make an appearance! Just as the collections balance between contrasts, these actions carry on and challenge the necessary conversations of this industry.

“Thoughts becomes perception. Perception becomes reality. Alter your thoughts. Alter your reality.” – William James