Presenting Oasis Giant Grouper at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant


Man Ho’s Executive Chinese Chef, Jayson Tang, is excited to delight sustainable seafood lovers with oasis giant grouper from 1 March to 30 April 2017 during lunch and dinner. With increasing awareness on environmental friendliness, Man Ho is also dedicated to providing guests with premium sustainable seafood and encouraging the gourmands to protect the planet while enjoying delectable food.

Guests may savour a variety of exquisite dishes using oasis giant grouper that guarantees indulgence. Chef Jayson’s recommendations include braised oasis giant grouper fin with pepper in fish stock that features a hint of spiciness from pepper highlighting the freshness of giant grouper to please all discerning and delicate palates. For seafood lovers who prefer more intense flavours, choose stewed oasis giant grouper fillet with coconut and bang bang sauce from the menu. Adding a twist on the traditional dish of stewed grouper fillet, incorporat ing the oasis giant grouper with coconut and bang bang sauce enhances the flavour of the dish in South Asian style. Furthermore, be surprised with deep-fried oasis giant grouper fillet with fermented bean curd sauce, in which the unique taste of fermented bean curd sauce brings out the irresist ible delights of the giant grouper f illet.

Another not-to-be-missed item on the menu is baked oasis giant grouper’s intestine with foie gras and minced pork. Inspired by a classic Cantonese dish of baked fish’s intestine with egg, Chef Jayson uses oasis giant grouper’s intest ine instead, together with premium foie gras to add a touch of luxury to the dish and unique aroma that excites taste buds. For soup lovers, double-boiled fish soup with gastrodia, chuan xiong and angelica is a nurturing choice for the season. Each dish is priced from HK$98.

For more details or reservations, please call +852 2810 8366.