Que Vinh Dang’s Nhậu Debuts in Sheung Wan, Serving Modern Takes on Vietnamese Flavours

Tucked away on a quiet lane on the fringe of Central, just a stone’s throw from Man Mo Temple, newcomer Nhậu is celebrated Chef Que Vinh Dang’s first Vietnamese concept – a cumulation of his heritage, culinary experience and passion for constant innovation.
A contemporary Vietnamese restaurant and bar, Nhậu sees Chef Que returning to his roots in a celebration of his upbringing, showcasing the cuisine’s full potential by taking authentic Vietnamese ingredients and flavours to the next level with heart, soul, and culinary finesse.
Born in Vietnam and raised in New York, Chef Que received a classical French culinary training and then went on to work with big-name chefs such as Rocco DiSpirito and Geoffrey Zakarian before making his way to Hong Kong, where he gained a loyal foodie following at TBLS and Wan Chai restaurant Quest by Que. Now, after a 2.5-year hiatus from professional cooking, he’s back on the dining scene with Nhậu.
Moving beyond overly familiar Vietnamese offerings such as pho and bahn mi, Chef Que channels his creativity to surprise and delight guests with what he views as a progression and evolution of Vietnamese food. “What we offer at Nhậu is forward-thinking Vietnamese cuisine at friendly pricing, but the effort that we put into it is that of fine-dining kitchens. We want to open people’s eyes to what Vietnamese cuisine could be and how it can evolve into something unique,” he explains.
Literally translating to ‘together’, nhậu means ‘food meant for drinking’ in its home country –Vietnam’s version of a Chinese siu ye or Japanese izakaya – so diners can expect sharing plates that pair well with wine, cocktails, and beer while reflecting a more refined approach to nhậu-style dining. Must-try dishes include Bánh Mì Rice Tacos, which takes the flavours of the beloved sandwich and puts them in Mexican-inspired rice ‘tortillas’ that are bite-sized delights; and Bò Lá Lốt Tartare, a delicious mix of minced beef and a pesto made of betel leaves that’s designed to be eaten on light crispy puffs of fried beef tendon.
Other menu highlights include Roasted Cauliflower with Caramelised Pork Koh Quet, an irresistible combination of cooked cauliflower florets and caramelised pieces of pork, pork floss, and garlic; and 40n Fish Sauce Dry Aged Grass Fed Striploin, featuring the umami goodness of best-quality fish sauce sourced from Vietnam.
The casual, convivial space warmly embraces Vietnamese aesthetics and history, an understated yet chic restaurant that nods to design cues from Vietnam without feeling clichéd. The country is famous for its hand-painted ceramic tiles, which have been sourced from Ho Chi Minh City to adorn the walls and floors at Nhậu. Similarly, the iconic terracotta bricks used all over the country for daily construction can be found on the restaurant’s exterior, beneath big windows that invite passersby to come inside.
Other key design elements include marble tabletops and French Colonialist-style rattan chairs that allude to the historical legacy of French Indochina. The walls, meanwhile, are decorated with everyday items such as charcuterie boards and bright-coloured food covers found in family homes, and they’re painted a bold hue of yellow that’s found on buildings all over Vietnam.
For discerning diners looking for new and exciting flavours, Nhậu provides a unique culinary experience – modern Vietnamese food with an authentic heart, presented through a contemporary culinary lens.
Nhậu is located at 12 Circular Pathway, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 3612 4568