Queensland Stuck Between A Reef & a Lush Place

In just over six hours you could be walking through the world's oldest rainforest and swimming over the world where two world heritage sites actually touch, Far North Queensland is home to a swarm of stirring pursuits and a small amount of wildlife to keep you on your toes

Pete, theirreverent Aussie-hatiing Kiwi land driver, picked me up from Cairns International Airport. At the profane hour of 5:30 am, the first thing he made sure was clear was FNQ? You don't want to come anywhere near here half of the time. If the taipans, the browns, the stingers, crocs or sharks don't get you, the mozzies certainly will.'

FNQ stands for Far North Queensland and its to many people, other Pete obviously, one of the most subirne places on earth you can visit. The Daintier Rainforest and the river that runs through it mark the end of your mobile reception and civilization for the most part. Further up into Cape Tribulation, the Forest gets thicker and the beaches more remote.

Text by James Moore
Photography: Tourism Queensland