Roger Vivier

Superstar Sammi Cheng & Actress Isabella Leong  Along with Kathy Chow, Laurinda Ho, Hilary Tsui, Wyman Wong & Other Celebrity Guests Unite to Support  the Debut of Roger Vivier Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at Hotel Vivier, the Realm of Cinematic Fantasy

The Parisian luxury accessories brand Roger Vivier brought the fascinating “Hotel Vivier” to Hong Kong with creative local touches to showcase the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at China Tang Landmark. To celebrate the launch, superstar Sammi Cheng, actress Isabella Leong and a glittering list of celebrities, socialites and city’s biggest trendsetters including Kathy Chow, Laurinda Ho, Wyman Wong, Elva Ni, Amanda S., Hilary Tsui, Nicola Cheung, Elly Lam, Emily Lam, Mayao Ma, Hanna Chan, Hilary Fan, Alison Chan El Azar etc., were in attendance to toast at the cocktail party to embark the journey to discover the world of Roger Vivier on January 8 together with the presence of Mr. Gherardo Felloni, Creative Director of Roger Vivier and the mastermind behind “Hotel Vivier”

Gherardo Felloni, Creative Director of Roger Vivier, is the mastermind behind Hotel Vivier, which he defines as: “Hotel Vivier is a place like no other, where women reveal all the richness, complexity, beauty and intensity of their personalities. Just as I went on a journey of discovery over the years to capture their many facets, my guests will make their own discoveries at every turn and inside every room, meeting the characters who inspire me every day.” Felloni has used his design mastery to give the Vivier women, leading ladies of the Maison, the Hotel Vivier makeover. The screenplay has been adapted to reflect certain local Hong Kong touches when it came to HK this time.

Hotel Vivier has a reception upon entrance where the Vivier concierge welcomes her guests into this captivating establishment and ushers them through the story. There are a total of 4 thematic rooms in Hotel Vivier Hong Kong. First one is Garden Room where Felloni’s images of women are like flowers in a garden. Such romantic feminine flowers on their own are somewhat lonesome. So he adds floral designers to liven up the scenario. Second, it’s Opera Room in which a female duo perform engaging melodies. Felloni’s vision of Chinese opera may delightfully surprise many Chinese opera lovers. After an episode of singing, it is also a round of writing. To reflect local culture, the highly regarded art for, Chinese calligraphy takes centre stage. Also, Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 and In the Mood for Love inspired creation of Actress Room.

The above synopsis of Hotel Vivier takes the audience through the scenes in the story. Contrasts, such as fiction and reality or familiar and unexpected, are an essential part of an engaging drama. The world of Roger Vivier is to be discovered at this fascinating place created by Felloni. The liberated, contemporary and eclectic characters, namely, Floral Designer, Opera Singer, Calligrapher and Actress, portrayed in an intimate cinematic setting of four rooms symbolize four artistic professions of the Maison founder.

Considered to be one of the fashion icons in Hong Kong with her impeccable aesthetic fashion sense, superstar Sammi Cheng has been a longtime fan of Roger Vivier, specifically of the brand’s creativity. At the event, she showed her love of the new Très Vivier Bag. “I love the hotel concept of the event so much, it is definitely an ode to women.” Sammi says, “for my outfit today, the Très Vivier Bag is my favorite! It is so elegantly designed that exudes a tasteful chic.”

A chic mom of three and actress Isabella Leong has been back in the limelight recently and has become a regular guest of different fashion event. Isabella showed up stunning with Parisian chic style during the event. She dressed up with Rose Button Sandal and Rose Bracelet Soft Clutch which revealed a bit of tasteful romantic with a modern edge. “I’ve fallen in love with the Rose Bracelet Soft Clutch as it is classy and can always mix and match with different kinds of outfit for touches of glamour and elegance.”