Salvatore Ferragamo – My Vara Campaign

Ferragamo opens up a new chapter in the #FollowVara project, launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic shoe created by Fiamma Ferragamo, daughter of founder Salvatore.

Ferragamo開啟#FollowVara企劃新篇章,慶祝品牌創始人Salvatore之女Fiamma Ferragamo構思設計的品牌標誌性鞋履誕生40周年。


My Vara is an innovative personalisation project, which will be available from November in 25 selected boutiques around the world. Clients will now be able to add their own personal touch to an emblematic house icon – available in lipstick, bon bon (pink) and black – by customizing the signature hardware with a choice of letters and two special ornaments of a heart and a star.

My Vara是一個頗具創意的個性化定制企劃,將於11月在全球25個指定精品店推出。顧客可以在品牌的經典單品上留下屬於自己的個性印記,用字母以及特別的心形和星形飾件來創製專屬的個性化飾件,有唇膏紅、粉紅色和黑色三種顏色可供選擇。

Since its creation, Vara has not only become the single best-selling model in the history of Salvatore Ferragamo but has also set the standard for young women with a modern, dynamic lifestyle: a shoe that meets the ever-changing needs of daily life, while fulfilling the desire for an exclusive, versatile accessory.

自面世以來,Vara一直是Salvatore Ferragamo史上最為暢銷的鞋履,不僅能滿足時刻變化的生活所需,還是一件別具一格、靈活百搭的配件單品,為時尚現代、充滿活力的年輕女性樹立了一種標準。

My Vara will be accompanied by a digital communication programme on the website,, and on social media, forming the second chapter of the web campaign launched this summer. Central to this new chapter are three exceptional ambassadors: models Cara Taylor, Hiandra Martinez and Soo Joo Park, the three stars of the ad campaign for the Signorina Ribelle fragrance, who join the established cast of women united in celebration of Vara.

Ferragamo將在官網www.ferragamo.com和社交媒體上啟動My Vara專屬數碼宣傳活動,旨在打造今夏網上廣告宣傳的第二波高潮。此次宣傳活動將聚焦於三位卓越大使:模特Cara Taylor、Hiandra Martinez和Soo Joo Park,這三位聲名顯赫的女明星曾參與品牌Signorina Ribelle香水廣告片的拍攝,她們為慶祝Vara誕生紀念日再次匯聚一堂。