Salvatore Ferragamo Unveils Hong Kong International Airport Boutique

Salvatore Ferragamo unveils its new store at Hong Kong International Airport in partnership with Dufry. The store is located in the East Hall of Terminal 1 Departures. Fully renovated with fresh, contemporary design elements, the Hong Kong International Airport store covers an area of 124 square meters and carries a wide range of men’s and women’s products, including shoes, bags and silk accessories.


Dufry values its strong partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo which has been steadily built on the basis of mutual trust. This enduring and collaborative partnership goes back over 20 years and accounts for a distribution network of over 18 points of sale, geographically spread around the world. The opening of the new store in Hong Kong International Airport reinforces Dufry’s global presence in the luxury segment and strengthens its relationship with Salvatore Ferragamo. Prior to Hong Kong, the two companies had already been operating together with other stores in Melbourne, Chengdu and Busan.


Andrea Belardini, Dufry CEO Asia Pacific & Middle East said: “We are very pleased to extend our presence at HKIA where we have enjoyed a partnership for more than 20 years. I am confident that this new and beautiful Ferragamo boutique will contribute to further enriching the shopping experience of travelers in Hong Kong airport. I would like to thank HKIA and Ferragamo for their trust”.

For the opening of the store, from 10 October to 3 November, Ferragamo will host a special exhibition to mark the launch of its new iconic bag, BOXYZ: three specially curated art pieces inspired by the bag, have been created by the rising artists, Kate Chung, Age of Brocade and Du Meng.

Le Donne / Them

Metal, Resin, Glass

Artist: Kate CHUNG

“In my eyes, the BOXYZ series represents perfect elegance.” Elegance is not only the looks and behaviors, but also the manifestation of powerful inner spirit. The three handbags in the installation represent three elegant women of different ages and backgrounds: Aaliyah Hydes, Lina Zhang and Maye Musk. Through the lens of the three telescopes, we can see the key holes of the BOXYZ handbags, through which we can see their imagination and definition of the ideal women.

Infinite Luck


Artist: Age of Brocade

The traditional pattern of Sichuan silk “Chinese knot” is also known as “lucky knot”, born for the lucky ones. Age of Brocade from the contemporary point of view deconstructs the Chinese knot : the whole pattern shows the tendency of infinite extension, signifying the continuity of fortune. In addition, Sichuan sachets are used as an accessory of Ferragamo BOXYZ, taking the meaning of “magic trick”, showing a sense of both ancient rhyme and novelty.

Time Elegance

Foundry glass, Silver foil

Artist: Meng DU

Inspired by the unique beauty of Ferragamo BOXYZ, the artist Meng uses glass to seal the passage of time. From the production of mud manuscripts, wax repair, mold flipping, annealing, and then to grinding and coloring, this creation requires a great deal of patience and long process of waiting. So traces of time appear extremely moving in the reinterpretation of glass.