A dance of threads. A dreamlike journey from Italy to China: a silken thread strung between the West and the East, a veritable bridge extending from Europe to the faraway lands of the Dragon Throne that follows the historical traces of two ancient cultures. A blend of textiles and threads of overlapping motifs that intertwine two worlds and two contrasting yet complementary visions as if by magic.

China is the breeding ground of aesthetics and cultures, a thousand-year-old backdrop for exchange and a workshop of symbols. The journey is an epic, in which western travellers come face to face with ancient Chinese nobility and its enchanting world of rites, brimming with splendour and decorative collections.

A palette that gradates from light pastel shades and then intensifies, becoming vivid and allegorical. Light pink turns into fuchsia, peach becomes tangerine, and light blue deepens to a turquoise enamel. Straw colours slip lavishly into imperial yellow on black. Venice and the resplendent Cathay appear in unison in brocades that erupt in vibrant abstraction.

Patterns, that take on huge proportions and become dynamic in the lines and weaves, dance together with the looms in rhythmic progression, in time with the quick and dexterous hands that weave gold thread embroidery. A group of dignitaries from the Tang dynasty wear overcoats embellished with studs, the collection’s leitmotiv. With idealised knights and horses, explorers and merchants on the Silk Road, this is a fantastical voyage that draws life from pure, fundamental, crisp forms embellished by broderies resembling brocades and damask, reminiscent of linear Mandarin styles.