Style Up Your Handbags! LONGCHAMP

To Accessorize the Bags with Fashion Extras

Handbag makeover. What do you think?

In this Spring 2017, Longchamp is trying to STYLE UP YOUR HANDBAGS with a wide variety of fashion extras: key rings, silk scarves and shoulder straps! Just to add a few creative thoughts and your handbags will look totally different by buckling our adorable fashion extras. Longchamp revolutionizes the functions of key rings, scarves as well as shoulder straps, turning them into the mini-accessories for the handbags. By accessorizing the bags according to your very own style, you may enhance their magnificent aura, transferring your own creativity into innovative fashion combos!

Dressing in the blossom-inspired jackets set in the floral décor, Alexa Chung carried the new, luxury Paris Premier bag, as well as the Penelope tote in turquoise green. It’s just like dressing up a Barbie doll with a great deal of toy outfits, bringing about incredible freshness.

This season’s motto by Longchamp: STYLE UP YOUR HANDBAGS!