TATCHA_TATCHA 360° Whitening Regimen_Lit-From-Within Complexion Guaranteed for New Season

Spring is in the air! The warmer and much humid weather means we will have to gear up our skin care regime, especially for beauty addicts on a constant quest for perfect skin.

Your skin could do with an extra pampering that nourishes and restores, giving back that lit-from-within glow to flatter you spring makeup looks.

While white is a symbol of beauty in traditional Japanese culture, skin whitening has strong roots in the East.

‘A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults,’ so the saying goes.

But women today won’t settle for just white skin, they want radiant, dewy, even and flawless complexion, which is what they truly think is perfect.

TATCHA Whitening Products are available at JOYCE BEAUTY Stores.