The Holidays Made by Tiffany Seasonal Surprises with Tiffany’s Brilliant Gifts


In celebration of this special season, Tiffany & Co. invited the award-winning photographer, Philippe Jarrigeon, to bring the jewelry house’s legendary figures to life. The Holidays Made by Tiffany tells the lively story of the CLT robot, being named after Tiffany’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany (CLT in short) who is created of Tiffany’s signature blue boxes, and his two friends, Man Silver, and Karl, a mouse made of Nymphenburg porcelain. Together, these characters explore their love of the holidays by building the perfect present – a vivid story that is encapsulated in The Holidays Made by Tiffany gifts. Whimsical and glamourous, elegant and playful, the gifts presented by Tiffany this Christmas capture the spirit of the season with delightful vividness.

Tiffany special ribboning for the festive season

Make your wrapping as special as the gift itself, Tiffany presents special ribboning for the season to commemorate The Holidays Made by Tiffany. Available in selected Tiffany stores only at The Landmark, Time Square and 1881 Heritage, this holiday season, the house presents a unique twist on their signature blue boxes, with ribbons coming in bright shades of orange, yellow and pink, in addition to the classic white ribbon of the house.