THE MURAKA in Maldives


Transformative Experiences Crafted for “The Wanderers” Infuse Authenticity into Luxurious Maldivian Exploration at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island’s, First-of-its-Kind Undersea Residence

themselves’, and the ability to explore new regions and cultures is not just part of the itinerary but a core part that fulfills their existence, and fosters open mindedness for the world around them. “The Wanderers” Experiences Guests seeking deeper connections with the Maldivian way of life will enjoy a first-hand account through “Your Maldivian Home” an exclusive island-hopping experience that highlights the charm of the Maldives beyond the beach. Visiting the families and homes of resort team members on neighboring islands and fishing villages, this unique afternoon allows guests to gain a glimpse into the Maldivian way of life. Hosted by one of THE MURAKA butler’s, guests will have the chance to connect with resort team members and their families sample traditional cuisine and tour the island.

For those whose sense of curiosity draws them beneath the waves, marine life enthusiasts can imagine themselves documentary filmmakers for the day, with the “Film an Eco-Mentary” experience. Guests will become familiar with the depths of the Indian Ocean as they go on a guided ocean dive or snorkel complete with a film crew to capture the expedition. Ideal for guests of all ages, this unique experience can be recounted for years to come with a personalized and edited ‘eco-mentary,’ to take home as a memorable keepsake. The remote location of THE MURAKA means that nights there are virtually free from light pollution and ideal for stargazing. The Sky Full of Stars experience encourages guests to explore Rangali after dark with a guided nature walk, viewing the constellations with unparalleled clarity. Guests can also opt in to enjoy this experience from the comfort of one of their private decks at

Moonlight Movies brings guests’ favorite films to the ultimate movie theater – THE MURAKA. Guests will enjoy an at home cinema experience under the stars on the main deck of the residence.

A special beanbag seating arrangement allows for ultimate comfort as guests watch their favorite movies under the moonlight, accompanied by the sounds of the sea. Personalized service The-first-of-its-kind undersea residence, THE MURAKA is innovative in both its structure and experience, allowing guests to push boundaries and chart their own course to discovery. Offering an intimate and personalized journey both above and below the surface of the ocean, THE
MURAKA is a unique base from which to experience all that the Maldives has to offer. Along with an extensive selection of activities and experiences as well as individualized service from a dedicated team of butlers and chefs, “The Wanderers” allows guests to enjoy a truly immersive voyage to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Additional off-the-menu experiences have been crafted for discerning guests of THE MURAKA who wish to experience the Maldives through a unique lens. For more information or reservations are available by phone at +960-792-9119 or email at Details on the resort and overall reservation queries can be directed to