The North Face | Urban Exploration :: S19 ‘Kazuki Collection’

The North Face Urban Exploration is proud to unveil its latest 14-piece Kazuki Collection for Spring 2019, by Japanese designer/graphic artist Kazuki Kuraishi. Available in two highly anticipated drops, across March and April, the unisex line was created for city explorers and reimagines TNF’s ever-iconic Mountain Light Jacket into brand new silhouettes.

Offering a continuity of Kazuki’s distinctive modern-street, minimalist-style direction from last season, the latest release is focused on the designer’s revisioning of TNF’s signature Mountain Light Jacket for an urban landscape. The signature outerwear piece, for example, has been transformed and extended into the Gore-Tex® Light Coat (HKD4,990), with decorative yet functional details and street style. And, although traditionally worn for hiking adventures, the jacket has also been reinterpreted into casual-wear pieces, such as a WindWallä Long-Sleeve Shirt (HKD1,090) and FlashDryä Mountain Long-Sleeve Tee (HKD890). Other key releases from the range include the DryVentä Light Anorak Jacket (HKD3,690) and FlashDryä Full Zip Hoodie (HKD1,590).

Famed as an exceptional “functional streetwear” designer, Kazuki’s career began as an intern for NIGO at the iconic Japanese brand, A Bathing Ape; and flourished under the mentorship of Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design. Today, he’s evolved his own signature style that combines a clean “lifestyle aesthetic” with an “easy to wear” approach — yet, always with technical acumen and thoughtful ingenuity.

The 1st drop of Kazuki Collection for Spring 2019 will be launched on March 11, 2019, and its 2nd drop on April 8 at UE Asia stores. The collection will also drop at UE Europe stores, The North Face Prototype Store (Williamsburg) as well as selected retailers on April 8, 2019.