Thom Browne Womens Spring Summer 2019

 good and bad, at the beach.

being good at being bad, while being bad at being good, on a boardwalk, under the sun.

thom browne’s very own true american preppy is taken on the good route, or the bad one, as everything gets morphed, sliced, shredded, inlaid, embroidered, sculpted, sorted and distorted.

the seersuckers, gingham checks, oxford stripes, whale motifs, anchors are magnified just as bright fruity yellows, greens, pinks and light blues get saturated.

exaggeration is bad, just as it is good.

the good and the bad are blown up to ridiculous proportions or shrunken and sucked-in. theft turns from bad to good. bits from previous thom browne collections resurface in a new context.

trompe l’oeil deceives the eye while extensive buttoning exceeds in modularity.

bad turns into good as good edges to bad, with punk spirit and a fruit mask.

classic fabrics are treated either good or bad with couture finesse. altering surfaces and proportions is a good matter of virtuoso skills with the bad stance of a relentless spirit.

good requires bad and bad requires good: the two go hand-in-hand. is it good or is it bad?