As summer fades and autumn follows, travelers can now experience the best of both seasons, lounging beside a glamorous pool with a stunning view of the Macau Jockey Club or sipping on a cocktail up high on one of the balconies, enjoying a gentle breeze. The Macau Roosevelt, the newly opened five-star designer hotel, unveils more details of its design concepts and invites travelers to Macau in September and October to enjoy an alluring urban getaway complete with a modern design aesthetic with a 1950s retro twist.

The exterior façade sets a grand yet warm and welcoming arrival experience. Guests will enter the lobby under a large awning clad in organic wooden shapes and backlit perforated metal, and will be instantly met with a sense of old Hollywood glamour as they enter the space. A curvaceous concrete reception desk and back wall complemented by a lush vertical garden evoke a sense of tropical luxury. Stepping into the hotel is like stepping into another organic yet fashionable luxury resort, marking a refreshing commencement of a holiday.

The open air swimming pool surrounded by plush cabanas and large palm trees is the signature of The Macau Roosevelt, serving as an exotic beach escape from city life. The pool is shaped like a single petal of a lotus flower and features a wooden leaf-shaped bridge that arcs over the centre, housing a few chaise lounges. Gaudi-style tiling surrounds the pool, inspired by the historic Mediterranean influence in Macau’s history.

Guests visiting the hotel during these months can still enjoy a tropical sunbathe on the chaise lounges with a breathtaking view of the Macau Jockey Club. Indulging in cocktails and canapés at the outdoor bar is the perfect way to unwind and recharge oneself away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Inspired by the Chinese lotus flower, the official symbol of Macau, and paying homage to classical Chinese art, the designer has incorporated the ancient Chinese scroll of falling petals in every room and suite. The debossed metal walls with subtle petal patterns are a modern interpretation of the scroll, reflecting retro luxury in the hotel.

All the rooms feature balconies and floor-length windows allowing guests to enjoy a marvelous view of the open air swimming pool, the South China Sea, or the Macau Jockey Club, with the gentle breeze of early autumn.

The Los Angeles based designer, Gulla Jónsdóttir, promises, ‘I want you to feel relaxed like you are on vacation, but with a touch of glamour’.

To enjoy the urban retreat at The Macau Roosevelt, book via the website (themacauroosevelt.com) with best available rates starting from HK$1188 (subject to tax and service charge).

More information is at:
Macau Roosevelt: http://www.themacauroosevelt.com