To celebrate Pride Month and support the LGBTQ+ community, Versace is launching a special limited-edition Pride 2020 Capsule Collection. The selection features warm-weather designs and comfortable activewear such as tank tops, crop tops and one-pieces, and includes a line-up of vibrant underwear.

Versace has partnered with two charities who will benefit from the collection, both of which are working tirelessly to create a more inclusive and equal world.

In the US, to mark one year since Donatella Versace was named a Stonewall Ambassador, a portion of sales from the collection will go to Pride Live. Versace partnered with Pride Live last year and the money raised has supported fundraising activities for those most affected by Covid-19. Funds from this year’s collection will aid the charity’s follow-up work with its current beneficiaries (Trans LifeLine, Trans Latin@ Coalition, Brave Space Alliance, and The Ally Coalition) and will help to modernize the organization’s donation platform in order to better receive financial support.

In Europe, donations will be made to Arcigay. Founded in Italy in 1985, Arcigay works to fight against violence, discrimination and violations of the human and civil rights of LGBTQ+ people. Through lobbying, advocacy, campaigning and supporting programs and projects, the organization can make positive political, legislative and cultural changes.

The collection will be available worldwide from June at Versace boutiques and on

為慶祝「同志驕傲月」(Pride Month)和支持LGBTQ+社群,Versace特別推出Pride 2020限量系列,匯聚多款夏季造型和舒適的運動服,包括背心、短身上衣和連身設計款式,還有一系列奪目內衣。


在美國,為紀念Donatella Versace獲任命為「石牆大使」一週年,系列的部分收益將會撥捐Pride Live。Versace去年與Pride Live合作,利用所籌得的善款支持抗疫籌款活動,以援助最受新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情影響的人士。2020年限量系列籌集的款項將會協助Pride Live跟進對現時受惠單位的支援(包括Trans LifeLine、Trans Latin@ Coalition、Brave Space Alliance及The Ally Coalition),並會資助組織提升募捐平台,以便接受各界的捐款。