Others have done it before. Now it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s turn. Today A-Z Sportswear is releasing an underwear commercial, starring the footballing God himself.

Last week Zlatan shared the music that gives him the inner strength to perform, in a Spotify Playlist for his own brand A-Z Sportswear. Now he is taking it one step further in a commercial about the only gold that matters – your own inner gold.

Gold belongs to anyone who dares to start something, and has the strength to see it through. Gold isn’t reserved for the precious few that can afford it. Because it’s inside all of us, just waiting to be uncovered. The more you push yourself, the brighter it shines.

To constantly inspire you to keep on believing in your own inner gold, A-Z’s boxers have gold on the inside. The Inner Gold video features music by Swedish rapper Erik Lundin. Like Zlatan, Lundin has gone from an upbringing in an unintegrated community in Sweden, and truly knows what it takes to believe in himself despite no one thinking that you can make it.

”Gold isn’t something reserved for those who can afford it. Gold is something thats inside every single one of us. It’s about knowing that anyone can shine, as long as you fight hard enough for others to see it.”

– Erik Lundin