18 Apr 2023 By May Ng

YSL MON PARIS Love Lock Lock Collection

“There are a thousand places in Paris
where I could meet you again and crush your roses against my heart.

Our roses. The most beautiful.

Maybe you were just a pretext to make my dream come true:

give a perfume to Paris. Prestigious, dazzling Paris.

The blaze and sizzle of your fireworks make the world sparkle.

For this new perfume,

it is your name I chose because there is no other as beautiful.

Because I love you. My Paris.”

Yves Saint Laurent, 1983


Locked in the shackles of romantic love

Celebrating the obsessive and sensual Paris romantics




Mr. Saint Laurent refined Paris, the city of love,

into a gorgeous bouquet of roses,

transforming the floral city into the legendary perfume MON PARIS.


In this city, which he proudly nicknamed “Mon Paris”,

there is a new bridge (Pont Neuf) named “Love Lock Bridge”,

where couples write the name of their other half and

pray for a long-lasting relationship with LOVE LOCK,

accomplishing the beautiful legend of Parisian romantic love.

The new MON PARIS limited edition collection

is a symbol of a long-lasting romantic love with

a bow on the front of the lavallières bottle,

which resembles the shape of a smoking suit.



HK$690/30ml ; HK$1,020/50ml ; HK$1,430/90ml

Available in all YSL E-Shop, all Beauté boutiques and counters on 7 April 2023.

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