22 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Renowned Chinese Chef Ronald Shao x LUBUDS® Group Opens Hong Kong’s First Re-imagined Chinese Vegetarian Fine Dining Concept YUAN in Central

Experience an avant-garde, nature-centric vegetarian dining adventure rooted in the essence of Chinese cuisine, with YUAN’s innovative and modern interpretations

Food is more than mere sustenance; it is a source of healing for the mind and body. Debuting in the heart of Central, Lubuds® Group announces the opening of YUAN, Hong Kong’s first re-imagined Chinese vegetarian fine dining restaurant serving innovative, modern interpretations of traditional Chinese cuisine. Helmed by acclaimed Chinese Executive Chef Ronald Shao and new-generation Head Chef Law Chak Kei, YUAN brings to life a wholesome, nature-centric vegetarian dining experience made entirely allium-free. YUAN is slated to open a gateway to connecting with nature’s cadence and experiencing its full spectrum of flavors anew.

“Yuan”: Nature’s Perfect Form
The name “Yuan” translates to “circle,” but for Chef Shao and Chef Kei, it represents much more than a geometric shape — it symbolises the laws of nature. Perfect circular forms can be found throughout the natural world, from fruits to tree rings to water ripples. The circular pattern also reflects nature’s regenerative processes, especially evident in the cyclical changes of seasons. With this philosophy in mind, the chefs at YUAN offer a plant-based Lunch Tasting Menu (HK$680 per person) and an exceptional 12-course All-Day Tasting Menu (HK$1280 per person) that focus on seasonal ingredients, aiming to reconnect diners with the natural harmony between heaven and earth.

Discovering Nature’s Artistry in Vegetarian Cuisine
With Executive Chef Ronald Shao, a culinary maestro with 40 years of experience and a virtuoso in Sichuan, Cantonese, Beijing, and Shanghai cuisines, along with Head Chef Kei, a creative mind trained in both Chinese and Western culinary techniques, YUAN combines time-honoured Chinese culinary traditions with Western fine dining sensibilities and crafty innovation to chart a new path for vegetarian cuisine.

Dine in a Tranquil and Zen-like Oasis
At YUAN, guests are transported into a serene and inviting atmosphere, where simplicity and elegance intertwine effortlessly. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows create an open and spacious ambiance, whilst the decor embodies a harmonious fusion of graceful wooden textures, with Chinese calligraphy and paintings paying homage to the culinary heritage that forms the backbone of YUAN’s cuisine.

For those seeking a more intimate vegetarian dining experience, YUAN offers four private rooms. These secluded spaces provide a sense of discretion and privacy, allowing guests to enjoy their meal in the company of family and friends.

Address:  Shop 2, G/F, Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1-13 Hollywood Road, Central

Telephone: +852 2728 7278

Opening Hours: 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 11pm (last order 10pm)

Reservations: https://inline.app/booking/Yuan

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yuanhkhk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/yuanhongkong