28 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Hansik Goo’s New Fall Menu Debuts with Chef Seung Hun Park

Hansik Goo’s New Fall Menu Debuts with Chef Seung Hun Park

Chef Park has been with Hansik Goo since its opening and a longstanding member of Chef Mingoo Kang’s team

 Modern Korean restaurant Hansik Goo will launch a new tasting menu to celebrate the announcement of chef Seung Hun Park taking the reins of the restaurant on its third year from chef Steve Lee who will move to Australia at the end of the year. 

“I’ve worked with Chef Park for many years at Mingles, and he has been an integral part of the Hansik Goo family since its inception. Our shared background growing up eating traditional Korean cuisine and passion for culinary innovation was the fuel for collaborating on this menu.” says Chef Mingoo, owner of South Korea’s two Michelin-starred Mingles and one Michelin starred Hansik Goo in Hong Kong.

Next is the GeumTae Gui, which translates to grilled blackthroat seaperch fish in Korean. In Hansik Goo’s elevated version, Geum-tae (blackthroat seaperch fish) is marinated in gochujang (fermented chili pepper paste), and grilled to bring out the flavour of the fat and paired with pickled gat (brown mustard greens) to cleanse the palate and surf clams sauteed with garlic chive.

For the main course, Hanwoo Bulgogi & Deoduk with Pyogo Mushroom Bab, a nutritious combo that is both packed with flavours and fun to eat. The 1++ no. 9 graded hanwoo (Korean beef) is marinated in ganjang (soy sauce) and Korean pear juice then grilled to impart a delectable smokiness and served alongsidedeodeok or the root of Lance Asiabell, a flowering plant native to East Asia. It is accompanied by a pyogo mushroom rice cooked with a flavourful mushroom broth, Jerusalem artichoke, ginko and Yangnyeom jang (homemade seasoning sauce), as well as a variety of banchan (small side dishes) including kimchi and vegetable ssam (a dish in Korean cuisine in which leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat such as beef or pork).

Hansik Goo’s delectable autumn creations can be enjoyed in either a 6-course lunch menu (HK$988 per person) during the weekend (Friday-Sunday); or an 8-course dinner menu (HK$1,480 per person) from Tuesday to Sunday. Guests can also expect on-going changes in a few dishes throughout the coming months based on the market availability of ingredients, allowing Hansik Goo to showcase the freshest seasonal ingredients in its fall menu.

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