15 Oct 2021 By May Ng

Lify Wellness Celebrates Launch of Sparkling Tea Tonics at ‘Wellness Oasis’ in Central Pop-up

Lify Wellness Celebrates Launch of Sparkling Tea Tonics at ‘Wellness Oasis’ in Central Pop-up

Lify Wellness is launching its first home-brewed wellness superdrink — Sparkling Tea Tonics — this October, introducing four flavours that offer four different health benefits at the Lify Wellness Club pop-up at 98 Wellington Street in Central. Brewed with all-natural herbal formulas, these sugar-free, carbonated beverages also incorporate daily doses of vitamin C and collagen, and can be enjoyed pre- and post-workout, or on-the-go. Taking place from 19 October for three months, 11am to 9pm, guests will have the opportunity to try the refreshing tonics including ENERGY with turmeric and ginseng, UNWIND with hibiscus and blood orange, SKIN RADIANCE with matcha and rose, and RECOVER with oolong and goji. These ready-to-drink Sparkling Tea Tonics are made from superherbs and natural plants with oriental roots, and provide an energy-boosting and refreshing beverage that supports consumers in getting through a busy day.

The upcoming Lify Wellness Club pop-up acts as an oasis that brings the wellness community together, showcasing Hong Kong’s first Sparkling Tea Tonic on tap and is the perfect stop for passers-by to get a healthy and energising boost, from morning until evening. The four Sparkling Tea Tonics  are available for purchase at HK$28 as well as Lify’s Variety Pack at HK$100 for four cans, and HK$200 for eight. Lify specialty drinks will also be available, featuring probiotics boosts, fruit and juice-tea mixes, alongside exclusive Lify branded merchandise including curated wellness gift boxes and designer glass cups. Healthy food pairing menus such as the Vegan Lunch Set, Gut Health Lunch Set and Sports Meal Pack will also be available. 

The Club serves as a community for wellness enthusiasts who would like to pursue mindful wellness through healthy routines and diets. Patrons can also sign-up as members to redeem free tastings of the draft Sparkling Tea Tonics’ “Wellness on Tap”. The first 100 members to sign up can enjoy free-flow beverages during the opening week upon purchase of a Lify To-Go Cup at HK$100. 

Members of the Lify Wellness Club will have the opportunity to be a part of Hong Kong’s growing wellness community. Members can keep up-to-date on the latest healthy eating habits, better sleep routines, traditional Chinese medicine facts, improving gut health, wellness workshops and exclusive retreats. Not only will members receive discounts on Lify products, they will also have exclusive access to Lify’s platform of wellness collaborators and be the first to know about the latest promotions. The Lify Wellness Club kickstarts with monthly giveaways in November with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Oriental Qi Spa Treatment (a 120-minute package valued at HK$2,500), with many more giveaways each month.

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