1 Nov 2021 By May Ng

Introduce holistic bodywork therapy with its new resident massage practitioner, Rahul Kalra.

Renowned for providing an exceptional holistic approach to wellness, the award-winning Mandarin Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is delighted to introduce holistic bodywork therapy with its new resident massage practitioner, Rahul Kalra.

Honing his unique expertise through 16 years of spiritual and movement practice, working with some of the leading practitioners and masters in the field, Kalra’s mission is to help others reach their fullest potential through the blended techniques of massage bodywork, breathwork and guided meditation. Having been through his own journey grappling with the challenges of depression and stress disorders, Kalra is intuitively aware of the importance of cultivating emotional and physical wellbeing, and how enlisting the guidance of expert practitioners can provide vital support.

Kalra will offer three specialised holistic bodywork therapies, which are forms of alternative medicine that use touch therapy as well as other practices, to heal the body’s natural energy (qi) flow and to achieve greater wellbeing.


Chi Nei Tsang Therapy

Translated as “working with the energy (qi) of the internal organs”, Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage that originated in ancient China. By using a sequence of deep, soft and gentle pressure on the abdomen, rib and pelvic area, this specialised therapy promotes greater qi flow to the entire body, resulting in improved mental clarity, immunity, digestive health and better sleep quality.

Duration: 90 minutes    

Dynamic Thai Massage

This unique massage is perfect for resetting the body’s physical alignment from head to toe. The guest is fully clothed with loose fitting garments throughout the treatment, and by combining passive stretching and gentle rocking movements, different parts of the body are stimulated, rebalancing the nervous system and improving overall mobility and movement.

Duration: 90 minutes

Deep Tissue Thai Massage

Ideal for those experiencing chronic pain and discomfort from physical injuries, poor posture and stress, this massage enhances overall relaxation, promotes better sleep and injury recovery. During the treatment, breathing is guided, and by using slow and deep massage strokes, the nervous system and deeper muscle layers are stimulated, leaving the body feeling lighter and more flexible.

Duration: 90 minutes

Available on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, each 90-minute treatment is priced at HKD 1,900* on Thursdays, and HKD 2,100* on Fridays, Sundays and on Public Holidays.

For further details or reservations, please call The Mandarin Spa at +852 2825 4888 or e-mail mohkg-spa@mohg.com. *Prices are subject to 10% service charge.