Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment

Make the best first impression with fresh’s latest lip innovation,

new Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment.

Featuring an advanced dual-action system, Sugar Mint Rush is a first-of-its-kind lip treatment

that delivers a fresh cooling sensation while hydrating for 24 hours and soothing.

With an instant and long- lasting burst of icy mint, this lip treatment leaves you fresh and ready to take on the day.

Like a little pick-me-up for your pout, Sugar Mint Rush uses a duo of time- release technologies.

To activate, just press your lips together to instantly trigger a controlled release of the cooling encapsulation system, while menthyl PCA slowly breaks down over time to keep that fresh feeling.

The  formula also features fresh’s iconic ingredient sugar, five nourishing oils—black currant seed, grape seed, meadowfoam,  avocado, and jojoba seed—and vitamins C and E.

“Inspired by mints and breath fresheners, I wanted to develop a multi-functional lip treatment that delivers a long-lasting fresh sensation plus 24-hour hydration,” says fresh Co-founder Lev Glazman.

“It’s such a sweet surprise and completely addictive. For me, it replaces gum,” says Lev. Treat your lips to a breath of fresh air with Sugar Mint Rush.

Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment ($200)

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