The Leah

The Leah invites diners to enjoy British comfort food by Chef James Sharman while kicking back in a green oasis in the middle of Causeway Bay. Tucked away in Lee Garden Two, this vibrant newcomer with an expansive terrace caters to a fun-loving evening crowd with its British favourites, enticing drinks, and lively setting.
British Food Done Right
With menus by James Sharman, who has created pop-up restaurants in some of the world’s most unexpected locations – such as Mount Everest, a homemade barge on Lake Tigoni, and a sleeper train in Vietnam – The Leah offers “British food done right”, with a focus on flavor and ingredients: locally-sourced vegetables, quality meats, and sustainable seafood.
The kitchen takes no shortcuts, and everything is prepared in-house with the care and techniques Sharman gained under the tutelage of chefs like Tom Aikens and Rene Redzepi, but rather than rigorous adherence to recipes and fancy presentation, the kitchen’s priority is putting heart and soul into each and every plate. At The Leah, dishes are served without fuss or frills – it’s just good food cooked the way it’s meant to be cooked.
“For me, food done right in this case means to cook hearty, fun food that people will crave over and over again,” explains Sharman.
Diners will delight in British favourites such as Scotch Egg & Soldiers, an irresistible snack of a soft-boiled duck egg wrapped in sausage and breadcrumbs before being perfectly fried; Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pie and Beef, Ale & Black Pepper Pie, classic preparations featuring juicy meat, vegetables and gravy; and the Dover Sole, impeccably roasted and served with capers, garlic, and pickled shallots; and show-stopping Beef Wellington, an indulgent combination of beef fillet, mushrooms and Parma ham baked inside puff pastry, both of which must be pre-ordered.
Other menu highlights include: Scallop, Leek & Black Pudding; Scampi, Crushed Peas, Vinegar & CrispsWood Ear Mushroom & Walnut Risotto; and Beef Short-Rib, Onion & Beef Fat Gnocchi.
The Inspiration
Although his previous endeavour was about having adventures around the world while tapping into diverse influences and tastes, Sharman, known as “the world’s most adventurous chef”, is going back to basics at The Leah and channeling the culinary traditions of his native England.
Whilst working under Tom Aikens in London, he lived in a shared house with eight other young chefs all working 90-hour weeks in Michelin-starred restaurants. On Sundays, their one day off, the housemates would come together and cook their version of comfort food using premium ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste in the kitchens they worked in.
“The menu for The Leah was inspired by those days,” says Sharman. “Gnocchi cooked in beef fat, whole roasted dover sole, the most decadent short-rib pie, all these dishes are a consequence of that brilliant old house.”
The Fun Part – Cocktails & Brews
Food isn’t the only attraction at The Leah as drinks and a bar menu cater to happy hours and after-dinner drinks. With the rising temperatures, The Leah’s Collins selections, a play on the classic long drink, Tom Collins, will be the perfect happy hour cool-down with guests able to choose their favourite spirit with cheeky names like Vlad, Tom, Ron, Pedro and John, mixed with citrus and soda. Other options draw on British heritage and garden etiquette for the outdoor setting, including the Camden Spritz, a take on the Aperol Spritz that nods to Camden and its Italian community; Wimbledon Cup, their take on a Pimm’s Cup; and Cotswold-Ade, rosy lemonade mixed with gin and Campari. Other cocktails on offer will be variations on classics such as the Mule, Old Fashioned, Negroni, Martini, and Spritz.
Don’t fancy a cocktail? The Leah serves a revolving selection of international ales as well as some local brews from Gweilo, not to mention an approachable list of international wines and a limited-edition cellar list for bottles. No alcohol? No problem. Homemade lemonades and iced teas are also on offer, but thankfully the latter is also available in an alcoholic version called Electrici-Tea.
An English Garden Party
By day, the restaurant caters to guests of the British family members club, Maggie & Rose, but after the kids go home, the party begins. Every evening after the club closes at 7pm, the restaurant transforms into The Leah, welcoming the public through a dedicated entrance which opens onto an expansive terrace with lush greenery and a rustic outdoor bar, reminiscent of an English garden party. Serving up draught beer, wines and cocktails, the bar will serve as a place to gather round and socialise in the evening hours.
Inside, the dining room transports diners to a homey British conservatory with large windows looking out on the terrace, and an abundance of plants hanging from the ceiling and decorating the walls to counter the hectic surrounds of Causeway Bay.
Whether it’s for a comforting taste of British comfort food, or a cheeky cocktail or two out on the spacious terrace, The Leah is a notable newcomer that gives guests a welcoming retreat from the busy streets of Causeway Bay below.
The Leah is located at 308 & 311, 3/F, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay. Tel: (852) 2337 7651. For more information and updates, you can also join The Leah on Facebook (TheLeahHK) and Instagram (#theleahhk).