Experience Handcrafted Shangdong Cuisine

JW Marriott Hotel Macau is honored to welcome accomplished Chef Wayne Wang as a guest chef at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant. Chef Wayne, a specialist in Imperial Tan Jia Cai cuisine has meticulously curated an exquisite menu showcasing the best and most flavorful foods that Shandong has to offer from May 31 to June 15, 2019.

Known for its complex dishes, long cooking time and instructions, and extravagant ingredients, Tan Jia Cai originated in the Imperial Palace in late Qing Dynasty and fuses Cantonese cuisine with regional flavors of Northern China. Key ingredients include abalone, bird’s nest and sea cucumber. The distinct sweet and salty notes of the dishes make them an appetizing delight for people from all over the world, and the preparation of each meal is truly a labor of love: even something as simple as chicken stock may be simmered for seven to eight hours a day.

Chef Wayne began his culinary journey at the age of 14. He originally concentrated on Cantonese cuisine but acquired a talent and taste for Tan Jia Cai after studying with the third-generation descendent of the cuisine’s pioneer. His inspiration comes from his extensive travels, where he studied and absorbed local cultures and the characteristics of their dishes to hone his culinary skills. His carefully designed menu combines knowledge acquired from books, caters to modern taste buds and is mindful of nutritional values.

Experience a variety of dishes with the eight-course set menu, featuring highlights such as a delectable Braised Fish Egg Soup, crispy and delicious Imperial Fried Meatball with Sesame, and 40 Headed Sea Cucumber with Braised Onion, a legendary dish that matches sea cucumbers with a concentrated and thickening flavour and hints of oats and green onion, historically a prized meal of imperial emperors. Another standout is the Traditional Tan Cuisine Braised Angus Beef, a succulent dish that has been slowly simmered with snow candy, honey, soya sauce and dried tangerine peel until the ingredients have blended together into an exquisite mix that tantalizes the tongue. Finally, the meal would not be complete without the “Jiao Dong” Sweet Vinegared Yellow Croaker, a traditional, delicate dish of Shandong Jinan that boasts a soft, golden colour and a delightful sweet and sour combination.

In addition to the set menu, guests can try one of Chef Wayne’s other signature dishes, including 4 Headed Abalone with Truffle and Grains, which marries fresh abalone with black truffle sauce, making it a soft and tender delight. There is also a selection of cold dishes available, such as Marinated Fillet with Ginger and Crystal Pork Elbow, and an array of sweets to end the meal, like the luscious Kidney Bean Roll.

Come and experience a culinary journey through Shandong cuisine with an expert in the field and leave feeling satisfied and renewed. For more information and dining reservations for JW Marriott Hotel Macau, please call +853 8886 6888 or email mhrs.mfmjw.reservation.office@marriotthotels.com.