This season, BOSS

celebrates a new generation. Ultra-modern tailoring, elevated outerwear, and fluid jersey pieces come together in a collection named “Generations”.

In a lilac-colored show space at Social Music City, models including Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk walked an oval catwalk to the sounds of a live orchestra performing a piece entitled “Down to Earth”, composed by Henri Scars Struck.

A striking organic pattern features in multiple forms across coats, tailoring, leather, dresses, and accessories. The embroidered pieces are expertly crafted in Germany, a reflection of the longstanding BOSS dedication to hand workmanship.

Outerwear is relaxed and oversized, while impeccably cut jersey dresses, skirts, and tops skim over the body. Hand-woven leather, flowing fringes, and glossy, bonded fabrics with digital prints all add depth and detail.

Vivid red and coral accent a fall-inspired palette of browns, creams, grays, and black, while a fresh shade of lilac offers the perfect counterpart to these warm hues.

A new approach to color blocking brings three and four colors together in many looks, evolving the monochrome aesthetic of previous seasons.

BOSS 2020米蘭秋冬時裝展:向新世代致意

BOSS Fall/Winter 2020: Welcoming a New Generation


置身於Social Music City丁香紫色佈置的場地中,Bella Hadid及Irina Shayk等一眾模特兒伴隨現場優美的管弦樂步入橢圓形的天橋。樂手們奏響法國作曲家Henri Scars Struck創作的《Down to Earth》曲目,為嘉賓獻上一場視聽盛宴。


Oversized的外套隨性休閒,精準剪裁的針織連身裙、半身裙和上衣完美修飾身段。手工編織皮革、飄逸的流蘇以及飾有數碼印花的粘合面料(bonded fabrics)平添深度與細節。