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RECANTO Wellness Concept: Body, Mind & Soul

– Hong Kong’s newest wellness oasis

Stay grounded and let your worries dissipate with Recanto Wellness Concept, Hong Kong’s nonpareil wellness oasis

Stress, competitive drive and long working hours are staples in the cocktail that makes up Hong Kong’s
working environment. With the harsh realities and strict government restrictions enforced in response to the global pandemic, Hong Kongers have long endured the intense stressors of everyday life without so much as a chance to escape or take a much needed break. The days of daydreaming about your next getaway are over as Recanto

Wellness Concept, tucked away in the heart of Central, is Hong Kong’s promising new wellness and healing oasis that emphasises heavy focus on providing life’s simple luxuries through their bespoke spa experiences.

Situated at 3/F, 28 Wellington Street in Central, their prime location and holistic approach to wellness is the solution to the age-old dilemma for urbanites in a search to find a superlative outlet to detox themselves of the everyday stressors.

Often finding themselves falling down a rabbit hole when trying to narrow down the myriad of options, city dwellers can ditch the endless browsing through the assortment of inconsistent quality and price points of Hong Kong’s spas as Recanto Wellness Concept makes the choice simple. Opening on 21 November, consistent experiences and indisputable quality are a guarantee at Recanto and instead of breaking your bank amidst the plethora of 5-star hotel spas that enwreathe Central, Recanto offers an ethereal sanctuary to experience the simple but fine luxuries whilst
promising transparency, privacy, hygiene and affordability to all.

Recanto Wellness Concept Treatments
Recanto Signature – (90 mins | HK$628)
Foot Reflexology Massage – (50 mins | HK$348)
Post Workout Body Massage – (50 mins | HK$668)
Post Workout Foot Massage – (50 mins | HK$438)
Acupressure Body Massage – (50 mins | HK$468)
Aromatic Body Massage (50 mins | HK$498)
Body Magnetic/Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 mins | HK$528)
CBD Body Massage (50 mins | HK$528)
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (10 mins | HK$98)
(20 mins | HK$138)
(30 mins | HK$168)
Magnetic Foot Massage (HK$98)

Contact: +852 9889 9572
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RECANTO Wellness Concept: Body, Mind & Soul