YSL Autumn Winter Look 2013/14 Electic Chic

Day ends in the city. Grey skies turn dark blue. Neon signs and streetlights blink green
and blue, electrifying the concrete buildings, glass storefronts and asphalt pavements
glimmered by rain.

Whether she’s in a classy neighborhood or a trendy gallery district in Paris, Berlin, New
York or Shanghai, in the heart of a city that never sleeps, the YSL woman electrifies. She
moves to the beat of the streets she struts along, her stilettos clicking beneath the
shimmering city lights, keeping time with the sounds that echo beneath her feet.
Decidedly urban, strong and confident, she plays with the cosmopolitan codes and
contrasts, drawing her inspiration from the high-voltage energy of the city. Affirming her
many facets, she invents herself by day, and reinvents herself by night, adapting her look
to the city she’s in and the parties she lights up till dawn. Uptown in the morning,
underground at night. A seductress with a classy smoky look, a temptress in an arty chic
mode. She seizes on black asphalt, brown brick, steel grey, neon and graffiti colours to
illuminate metropolises with her couture allure.

High-tension eyes, electrifying plum lips, Street Art nails: the YSL woman draws her look
from the colours of the city and reigns supreme over all like a contemporary amazon.