1 Jun 2024 By May Ng

Two of the world’s best buffet restaurants AG and FireSide hold their first four-handed dinner, limited to three days, from 6 to 8 June

FireSide and AG Four-Hand Dinner Event

Event Dates:
June 6th to 8th

FireSide, The Steps H Code, 5th Floor, 45th Street, Central, Hong Kong

Event Details:
FireSide, ranked 70th among the world’s 101 best buffet restaurants, is partnering with AG from Sweden, ranked 9th, to host their first Four-Hand Dinner. This exclusive event will feature Martin Kjäll, a renowned expert from AG, and Jaime Ortolá, FireSide’s Executive Chef, collaborating to present an exquisite eight-course dinner.

Menu Highlight:
One of the standout dishes will be AG’s Grand Cru – 40 days of dry aging plus 100 days of fat cooking Swedish red-and-white beef, offering a smooth, delicate meat with rich juice and perfectly balanced fat distribution. The combination of Kjäll’s expertise and Ortolá’s skill in open-fire cooking promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Event Specifics:

  • Dates: June 6th to 8th
  • Location: FireSide
  • Guest Capacity: 30 guests per night
  • Price: HK$ 2,488 per person

This event is part of The Rare Tour, a series of exclusive dinners featuring top chefs from the world’s best steak restaurants, held at premier hotels and restaurants globally.

Reservation Information:

Contact Information:

  • Address: The Steps H Code, 5th Floor, 45th Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • Phone: +852 6610 8689
  • Website: FireSide.hk

Opening Hours:

  • Fridays and Saturdays: 12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 11 PM
  • Monday to Thursday: 12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM