22 Oct 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

7-Eleven Singapore Launches Range Of Six New Ready-To-Eat Meals

Impossible Foods and 7-Eleven, the leading convenience store in Singapore, have launched an international range of six new ready-to-eat meals inspired by various cuisines around the world at more than 350 7-Eleven stores in Singapore. As part of the retailer’s commitment to making plant-based food accessible and affordable, 7-Eleven has expanded its ready-to-eat selection to include more sustainable meals made with the award-winning, plant-based Impossible Beef, in addition to the popular 7-Select ImpossibleTM Deluxe Burger launched earlier this year.

All available for under S$6, the new selection of chef-crafted ready-to-eat meals include:

7-Select ImpossibleTM Minced Meat Noodles ($4.70)

Colloquially referred to as Bak Chor Mee, this is easily one of Singapore’s most iconic hawker food for any time of the day. Made with fresh mee pok, Impossible Beef, braised shiitake mushrooms, fried shallots and a specially-created sauce packed with umami.

 7-Select ImpossibleTM Spicy Pineapple Burger ($5.90)

This Hawaiian-inspired burger is the perfect grab & go snack that comprises a well-seasoned Impossible plant-based patty stacked with caramelised pineapple, pickles, and a homemade tomato chilli jam between soft, fluffy burger buns.

7-Select ImpossibleTM Meatball & Mash ($4.70)

7-Eleven’s take on the popular crowd favourite, the Impossible meatballs are oven-roasted and paired with rich, creamy mashed potato and topped off with mixed mozzarella and cheddar cheese. This is perfect for a snack or an add-on to any meal!

7-Select ImpossibleTM Spicy Wrap ($4.20)

Inspired by Mexican fare, this mouth-watering wrap packs a punch in each bite – think Impossible  Beef, a tangy peri peri sauce, roasted bell peppers, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap.

7-Select ImpossibleTM Shepherd’s Pie ($4.20)

Thoughtfully portioned for one to enjoy, this classic Western baked dish is made with Impossible Beef braised with tomato puree, topped with a thick layer of buttery mashed potato. Packed with flavour, in every bite.

7-Select Impossible Rendang Onigiri ($2.80)

A local take on the popular Japanese rice ball snack with the perfect combination of braised Impossible Beef, mildly spicy Rendang sauce and coconut rice. The rendang onigiri is the first-ever Impossible ready-to-eat available for less than S$3.

“One of the most important steps to achieving our mission is to achieve price parity with beef from cows. Long-term, we plan to be more affordable,” said Laurent Stevenart, Singapore Country Manager at Impossible Foods. “Following the immense popularity of the 7-Select Impossible Deluxe Burger earlier this year, we’re thrilled to expand our collaboration with 7-Eleven Singapore and add more delicious items to their ready-to-eat options. The convenience of 7-Eleven’s store footprint is unmatched, and we’re excited to offer more affordable options to their loyal customers.”

Leading the charge to make plant-based meat more accessible, 7-Eleven convenience stores in Singapore will be the first in Asia to offer the entire range of Impossible ready-to-eat meals at more than 350 locations. The new ready-to-eat meals are also halal-certified, giving fans more options for delicious, nutritious and sustainable foods even when they are on the go.

“As the leading convenience store, 7-Eleven is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful difference in our communities. With our extensive network of 7-Eleven stores spread across the island and with Impossible Foods’ mission to transform the global food system, together we can make plant-based eating more accessible and convenient anytime, anywhere.” said Mr Steven Lye, Managing Director of 7-Eleven Singapore.

Versatile and delicious, Impossible Beef looks, tastes and smells like ground beef from cows – but is made entirely from plants, with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. Since it’s made from plants, it uses 96% less land, 87% less water, and generates 89% less greenhouse gasses. This means environmental savings of 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2, and 84 litres of water for every 113g serving consumed.