A match made in Heaven at Sing Yin Cantonese Dinning

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While it may be hard to find true love, but if it’s the perfect taste you’re looking for, Sing Yin Cantonese Dining will definitely be able to help you! This summer, Sing Yin will transform into a match-maker, offering fans 8 different recipes for lobsters and 4 extra ingredients for abalones. So whatever the flavor, there is bound to be one that suits you!

Starting from now to June 30, lobster aficionados can take pleasure in a wide selection of lobsters around the world, including Australia, South Africa and Boston, all exquisitely prepared according to guests’ preferences. Among the 8 options, the ‘stir-fried lobster with Sing Yin signature xo sauce’ is a must-try! The sauce is a home-made sauce by the chefs, which is composed of dry scallops, Jinhua ham and shrimp roe, with special seasoning to enhance the flavor.

Another highlight is the ‘stir-fried lobster with black truffle’. The chefs accentuate the lobster’s luscious taste with an unprecedented dash of foreign essence. By blending western ingredient black truffle in cream using traditional Chinese cooking technique, its succulent flavor becomes more prominent, creating a refreshing sensation to your taste buds.

Other recipes include ‘stir-fried lobster with spice sauce’, ‘poached lobster in supreme soup’, ‘steamed lobster with garlic’, ‘stir-fried lobster with salty egg yolk’, ‘baked lobster in spicy garlic sauce’ and ‘braised lobster with bean curd and diced pork in chili sauce’.

Abalones freshly imported from South Africa are also available to satisfy one’s desire for premium shellfish delicacies. Fans of this shellfish king can also pick from 4 ingredients to further spice up the taste, including fish maw, Japanese ‘kanto’ sea cucumber, goose web and sea cucumber.

The lobster dishes are available from HK$380 to HK$600 (except for the Australian lobsters which are priced at HK$88 per tael), while the abalones will start from HK$650 to HK$880. A lobster and abalone set menu will also be available at HK$1,388.

Editor’s Notes:
*All prices are subject to 10% service charge.