19 Apr 2024 By May Ng

A New Takeaway Destination Bringing New York-Style Artisan Pizzas and Street Eats to Central

Serving affordable modern New York pizzas, hotdogs and soft serve
Showcasing talents of homegrown brands and ideas

Sonny’s Pizza, is a new cornerstone of Elgin street, offering takeaway (or dine on the street like a New Yorker) and houses three distinctive brands under one roof.  Sonny’s Pizza, Randy’s hotdogs, Milk soft serve are on offer, fulfilling all your needs from a quick lunch, the pick-me-up in the afternoon, an indulgent dinner or that late night snack after drinks.

The idea of Sonny’s Pizza was conceived by Chef Son Pham (Sonny) and Shakib Pasha when they couldn’t find a nice late night pizza option. Sonny’s Pizza was created to offer affordable unpretentious pizzas prepared with premium ingredients. Prior to this, Son has worked at establishments such as Union Square Cafe (NY), Ryugin (Tokyo), and Amelia (HK).

Sonny’s Pizza

At Sonny’s Pizza, it’s all about the dough. Using a blend of two Italian flours, the dough is made in-house, where a blend of a soft wheat flour mixed with a stronger Manitoba flour, then biga, an Italian yeast starter, is added into the dough to be fermented for 48 hours. This extended fermentation period allows the dough to develop a more complex flavour and a chewy crust that is surprisingly light and easy to eat. To top it all off, the dough is all sauced with tantalising sauces made in-house using premium Italian ingredients.

Randy’s Hotdogs

Randy’s Hotdogs, created by the same team behind the famous local burger shop Honbo, elevates the humble hotdog to new heights, offering four options: Classic Dog (HKD68) with ketchup and mustard, Chicago Dog (HKD68) with sweet pickle and pickled peppers, Tokyo Dog (HKD78) with Kewpie mayo and homemade okonomiyaki sauce, and Tommy Dog(HKD88) which is named after the famous Californian chilli hot dog, drizzled with homemade beef chilli and American cheddar. Each made with 100% beef and paired with carefully selected sauces and toppings in an artisan soft bun, Randy’s hotdogs are surely a treat that cannot be missed.

Milk Soft Serve

For those with a sweet tooth or looking for something to put that perfect ending to a satisfying meal, Milk Soft Serve by Sean of Sauce, a popular barber shop on Elgin Street, offers silky and creamy soft serve made exclusively with Hokkaido milk. You can also add an array of dips and syrups (HKD3 each) to customise your experience, such as chocolate or strawberry sauce. Milk soft serves promise an indulgent and delightful dessert option. Milk soft serves are available in cups (HKD35) or cones (HKD25).

Craft Beer

Sonny’s has sourced a wide array of offerings from local breweries Black Kite & Heroes as well as a rotating list of imported craft beers. Shakib has carefully curated the list to offer beers that pair perfectly with a slice or a hot dog.

The Team

Sonny’s Pizza, Randy’s Hotdog, and Milk Soft Serve share a common goal of providing locals and tourists alike with street food made with premium ingredients at an affordable price point. The founders of these brands, Chef Son Pham (Sonny), Shakib – a seasoned restaurateur and brewery-owner with a deep understanding of Hong Kong’s culinary scene, Michael – the mastermind behind the famous local burger shop Honbo, and Sean – a passionate barber at Sauce on Elgin Street, have come together to create a unique culinary experience in Hong Kong.