8 Oct 2023 By May Ng

A Taste of Indonesia, a Slice of Home: Rumah’s Delicious Path to Cultural Understanding

Rumah, the brainchild of Indonesian-Hong Kong influencer Spoon Chan and F&B veteran Mel Ng, is taking Hong Kong by storm with a heartfelt mission to introduce modern Indonesian flavours to the city. Founded during Chinese New Year in 2023, Rumah isn’t just a food brand; it’s a culinary journey, a homage to family, and a platform for cultural connection.

A Culinary Homecoming

Translating to “home” in Bahasa Indonesian, Rumah symbolises a return to one’s roots and the warmth of family gatherings. For Spoon Chan, Rumah represents a profound personal journey – one of rediscovery, healing, and connection. Known for her influence in beauty and fashion, Spoon ventured into the F&B industry to share her belief that food is a universal love language that brings people together. Born in Jakarta and raised in Hong Kong from the age of 3, Spoon’s relationship with Indonesian culture was complex. Her family’s ties to the restaurant industry, with her mother running an Indonesian eatery and her father involved in dried seafood trading, gave her a unique insight into the world of flavours and aromas.

Through food and cooking, she found a powerful form of expression and self-discovery—one that enabled her to connect with her roots while transcending language and culture. She realised that food has the remarkable ability to unite people, heal hearts, and foster mutual understanding. This realisation inspired the creation of Rumah, a heartfelt tribute to her family and a platform to showcase the rich tapestry of Indonesian culture.

Website: www.madebyrumah.com

Telephone: +852 6516 4001

Instagram: @madebyrumah

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