14 Jul 2023 By May Ng

A Thought-Provoking Art Exhibition on Self-Value by Local Hong Kong Artists

#Ivealreadyseen @ivealreadyseen

Yi Lee Chow and Hoi Ching Mak, two Hong Kong local artists are thrilled to announce their upcoming art exhibition “I’ve Already Seen”. The exhibition will be open to the public from today to 23 July 2023 at Current Plans, and is created to take visitors on a thought-provoking journey through an illusory space designed using a mix of media, installation art, and collections. Divided into three parts, the exhibition aims to evoke Hongkongers’ reflections on self-value.

The exhibition creators, Yi Lee Chow, and Hoi Ching Mak, both studied fine arts in Taiwan and are currently working in the art industry in Hong Kong. This exhibition marks their first collaboration, they both enjoy using art installations to convey ideas and interact with audiences. In this joint exhibition “I’ve Already Seen”, they hope to communicate with audiences through immersive art and collect the public’s feedback on their perceptions of the world.