15 Apr 2023 By May Ng

A Very Special Mother’s Day with FRED

No language can express the power, beauty and heroism of mother’s love. It is natural to dedicate the most precious jewelry to celebrating the unconditional love they give us. For the coming Mother’s Day, FRED presents its handsome Chance Infinite and Pretty Woman collections to honor the much-adored bond between mothers and their families. An ode to childhood, to its mischievous spirit and limitless inventiveness, the selection is displayed playfully via charming games of children with their parents, which reminds mothers of their own childish carefreeness. Solar gold lusters and soft shadows are interweaved to create a warm joie de vivre for her special day.

Pretty Woman Necklaces are an impeccable gift for the deserving mother. The incredibly elegant heart-within-heart design represents two souls connected and depicts how mothers heart their children. The timeless brilliance of precious gold indicates mother’s love never goes away and only grows ever brighter. Offered in different available sizes in an openwork heart-shaped design, the pendants comes in various styles set with diamonds or colorful precious stones that are stackable, transformable or reversible. Rings, bracelets and earrings from the same collection complete her pulchritude.

Symbolizing limitless feminine power, the Chance Infinie collection’s iconic 8-shape motif emphasizes the unconditional and infinity love of the mother and a family knot that is as dear as it is unmeasurable. Wrought in white, yellow and rose gold, the Chance Infinie jewels are an epitome of never-ending true love which represent the goodness and divinity in every motherhood.

For Mother’s Day, FRED’s craftsmanship and signature styles are the fitting way to express the depth and meaning that motherly love has for children. Live the Joy with our beloved mom!