22 Jul 2023 By May Ng

Aesop Bathing Rituals & Bar Soaps

The first Aesop Body Care products were released in 1990—earlier even than the brand’s first Skin Care offerings. In addition to the inaugural Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, which has remained a perennial favourite, the range now includes Body Cleansers, Scrubs, Balms, Oils, Kits, Bar Soaps and a Gel. Created in Aesop’s in-house laboratory, with the brand’s signature attention to detail, these formulations embody a considered and unhurried approach to self-care.

Aesop has always sought to elevate the most banal aspects of personal maintenance—the routine functions of tooth-brushing, hair-washing, armpit-deodorising, and so on. Even the most uninspiring daily necessity can be elevated by products that lend pleasure and elegance to the everyday. A sensory sanctuary of sorts, the bath or shower in particular present a rare opportunity to be alone, walled off for a moment from any interruption and able to focus attention within rather than without.

To that end, in addition to gel cleansers and scrubs—each as uniquely efficacious as they are delightfully aromatic—the range now includes three new Bar Soaps—a sudsy collection to cleanse, buff and invigorate. Named Refresh, Polish and Nurture, these 150g slabs are compact enough to fit comfortably in the hand or in a diminutive travel case. Refresh delivers an invigorating, non-drying cleanse, Polish effects gentle exfoliation, and Nurture offers a mild, non-perturbing cleanse ideal for dry skin. They are also distinguished by their aromas—Refresh brings together citrus and floral notes, Polish has a green, camphoraceous character, and Nurture a woody, herbaceous aroma. Massaged onto damp skin to form a rich lather, the Bar Soaps provide an effective and fragrant cleanse, leaving the skin ready for hydration.

Indeed, cleansing is only half of the story. Using a body hydrator is not a matter of life-and-death, but it may well contribute to a life well-lived—not only because of the moisturising effects on the skin, but also because of the wider benefits of taking a minute out of the day for diligent self-care. Aesop’s body hydrators come in a variety of formats—readily absorbed balms, a refreshing gel, and oils with a sustained finish—offering a whole range of sensory pleasures. All, however, leave the skin soft, supple and fragrant. For bodies craving extra nourishment, a few drops of either body oil—Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment or Breathless—can be blended with any of the balms. 

When in the mood for bathing rather than showering, further sensorial enjoyment can be achieved with the help of an Aesop Aromatique Candle or a stick of Aromatique Incense. These can elevate any atmosphere and subtly mark the transition from one phase of the day to the next, signifying relaxation. Each of the Aromatique Candles, in particular, exudes a distinctive, gentle fragrance and a subdued, flickering light. If using incense instead, similar aesthetic effect can be achieved with Aesop’s Bronze Incense Holder—an object of substantial beauty that embraces asymmetry and the time-honoured, unique patina of bronze. Apt sonic accompaniments can be discovered in Aesop’s range of playlists and podcasts—the former comprising tracks compiled to suit a variety of occasions and moods, the latter a collection of stories penned by some of today’s most thought-provoking writers, entitled Future Fables.  

Ultimately, the care bestowed upon one’s immediate surroundings may be as important as that bestowed on the body—in fact, no holistic approach to wellbeing should do without either of those.


Refresh Bar Soap 150g HKD / MOP 160

Polish Bar Soap 150g HKD / MOP 160 

Nurture Bar Soaps 150g HKD / MOP 160