9 Oct 2021 By May Ng

Aesop Hysan Place

In a city where the preferred urban disposition is rectilinear, the second iteration of Aesop Hysan Place anchors its prominent position within the retail centre of the same name by way of a sweeping façade. Serpentine shapes in airy shades of green contrast with the stained timber that wraps the interior in vast swathes of warmth.

The overall impression evokes a 1970’s lounge pit, where neighbours may have gathered to while away the hours of a hot, humid evening. A cabinet with a polished-steel front stands in the corner—its marble shelves stocked with amber rows of fragrance, in lieu of cocktails ingredients. Opposite, a Verdigris-coloured sofa borders the store’s outer edge, insulating those within from the agitation outside.

A circular central basin acts as a counterpoint to the open steel shelves which surround and harness it, while a vintage chrome-footed lamp holds the eye—its ochre shade a somewhat decadent flourish. Subtle downlighting casts shade and texture from the curlicued edges and brings into relief the rusty-earth terrazzo below.

In this minimalist setting, clients can explore and select from a complete range of skin, hair and body care products, distinguished by botanical and laboratory-generated ingredients of the highest quality. The store’s trained consultants are able to offer advice about products best suited to individual needs.

Aesop was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and today offers its superlative formulations in signature stores around the world. As the company evolves, meticulously considered design remains paramount to the creation of each space.