Aesop launch First Ever Aromatique Candles

Aesop’s Aromatique Candles, created with long-term collaborator Barnabé Fillion, offer means of adding subtle light as well as nuanced, lingering fragrances to any interior. Each of the three bears the name of an astronomer of ancient repute—AganiceCallippus and Ptolemy, respectively—alluding to the capacity of candlelight to evoke a calming sense of wonder, much like a radiant night sky.

 The overarching concept for the trio, as described by Aesop’s Director of Innovation, Dr Kate Forbes, began with ‘the notion of “candles as stars”, after we came to compare the flickering light of candles in the dark to the luminosity of stars. Subsequently, we took inspiration from ancient astronomy and associated mythologies, and considered the historical significance of candles, seeking new aromatic blends that would engender a sense of equanimity and refuge from workaday concerns. As is customary in our partnership with Barnabé, scientific rigour worked hand-in-hand with ardent intellectual curiosity, and tradition with innovation. In the florals and spices of Aganice, the woody, green notes of Callippus, and the resinous, earthy tones of Ptolemy, you will encounter olfactory echoes of centuries past within distinctly contemporary fragrances. We are delighted to offer this highly appealing range in response to frequent requests from our customers.’ 

Aganice Aromatique Candle is titled for a woman often cited as the first female astronomer of Ancient Greece, renowned for her knowledge of the moon and its cycles. Floral, spicy and fresh, the fragrance recalls the heady aromas of Cape Spartel in Tangier—described by Fillion as ‘a place of many mythologies’. Among the key ingredients are Cardamom, Clove and Mimosa, accompanied by discreet notes of Tobacco. 

Callippus Aromatique Candle honours another Greek astronomer and mathematician, who significantly refined the dominant planetary theory of his time. Incorporating Frankincense, Guaiacwood, and bright notes of Shiso, its woody, earthy, green fragrance is redolent of contemplative rituals. 

Ptolemy Aromatique Candle bears the name of an ancient Greek-Egyptian scientist whose work informed much medieval astronomy. Its resinous, earthy and woody fragrance brings to mind old-growth Japanese forests, by dint of Cedar, Cypress and notes of Vetiver. A light smokiness is intended to evoke the imagined scent of the moon.

As with all Aesop products, the formulations include only vegan-friendly ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Paraffin and fragrance concentrate, supplemented by a cotton wick; the burn time for each is between 55 and 65 hours. In line with the company’s customary approach to packaging and design, the ceramic vessel that houses them is minimalist and elegant—featuring a raw alabaster exterior with a laser-etched Aesop logo, and a glazed interior with a printed quotation. The vessel can be repurposed as a cup or other utilitarian container after thorough cleaning. Each candle comes with detailed usage instructions in eight languages. 

Part of the brand’s Scented Home range, which also includes Aromatique Room Sprays, Oil Burner Blends and the handsome Brass Oil Burner, Aromatique Candles will enhance any space, and make for gracious giving on any occasion. Aganice, Ptolemy and Callippus Aromatique Candles are available at Aesop signature stores, Aesop Online and selected stockists.

RRP: 300g HK $800