Aesop new fragrance, Rozu

Inspired by Charlotte Perriand

Aesop’s fourth fragrance launches today, Monday 20th April, and is created in partnership with their long-term collaborator, Barnabe Fillion. Inspired by the life, work and enthusiasms of the prominent French modernist designer Charlotte Perriand, and the Japanese rose that bears her name, it is an intense yet tender fragrance—nuanced and expansive, with remarkable longevity—intended to appeal to all genders. 
Rōzu Eau de Parfum opens with rich floral notes of Rose, alongside Petitgrain, Bergamot and vibrant Shiso—a reference to Perriand’s lifelong affection for Japan—and Pink Pepper, which confers fresh spiciness. The heart brings yet headier florals: Ylang Ylang is interwoven with dry, spicy woodiness; while Jasmine empowers the Rose, supported by light, smoky notes of Guaiacwood. Sandalwood hints at the deeper, powdery base notes, marrying the soft, woody green earth of Vetiver Extract with warm, sweet herbal notes of Patchouli and ambery, balsamic Myrrh.
Charlotte Perriand’s life spanned almost the entirety of the twentieth century, from 1903 to 1999. She joined the atelier of Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret in 1927, and went on to enjoy a stellar career, influenced by her extensive travels, her egalitarianism, a love of the wild outdoors and above all, modernism. She was at once determinedly of her time, ever adventurous and wedded to the materials and promises of the machine age; but she was also compassionate—her ambition founded in a desire to improve the lives of others through intelligent, functional design.