19 Jan 2022 By May Ng

Aesop | Taking Time To Tend

Aesop skin care formulations are esteemed for both their topical benefits and sensory rewards. The latter are incidental pleasures: ingredients are chosen for efficacy, and the aromatic joy they impart is an added merit. Such sensorial enjoyment makes for products devotedly used and re-used—the aromas encountered during steady application as cherished as the immediate effect on the skin.

This ethos means that every formulation is meticulously designed over a long period of time and with a keen consideration of touch: that joyful moment when a product is dispensed into the palm, or applied with care to the face and neck. Whether it is lathered, patted or smoothed, the experience should be one of pleasure and play, away from the stresses of the screen or school run.

Advocating for basin rituals that have long been revered to cultures around the world, and essential to a sense of wellbeing and self-esteem, each store contains a sink that creates the opportunity to congregate and learn in the presence of water. To aid the customer in the use of these formulations—some of which may be blended in arrangements that tackle a wide array of skin care needs—the in-store consultant can advise on matters that include at-home facial massage techniques and complementary product assortments.

For those who require it, these ambassadors of a more measured approach to skin care will also gladly share their wisdom on all matters related to the epidermis. Some are also skilled practitioners who offer efficacious Facial Appointments at a select number of Aesop stores. A conversation to understand the customer’s specific skin care needs is followed by an attentive and restful treatment combining deep cleansing, muscular stimulation and hydration, as well as fragrant reverie for those who partake.

Treatments can be booked online, for a moment’s respite and a tactile introduction to the practice of patient skin care.

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