20 Nov 2022 By May Ng

Aesop The Poetry of Place

Entitled ‘The Poetry of Place’, Aesop’s 2022-23 collection of gift kits is shaped by the brand’s philosophy of design, with each kit evoking the form of a particular Aesop store. Every one of these is an endeavour to bring something of merit, worth, and pleasure to the neighbourhood in which it sits, forming a respectful symbiosis that demonstrates the potential of human cooperation and togetherness.

These newly launched seasonal gift kits tell stories of local culture and neighbourly connection—a dialogue facilitated through a considered and creative approach to the built environment, which pays close attention to the routines and customs that define varied cultural settings. Contained within each kit is an assortment of complementary formulations, forming a gesture that will reverberate across time zones and terrains.

Igneous, a Geranium Leaf body care duo, recalls the singular stone façades of Aesop Pitt Street, Sydney. Industrious is a triptych of hand care, inspired by the warm, cloistered space of Aesop Sounds Hannam in Seoul. Congruous offers comprehensive care for hands and body via a quartet of formulations, its design echoing Aesop Downtown LA. Finally, Precipitous comprises a trio of Parsley Seed Skin Care; its corresponding store is Aesop New Town Plaza in Hong Kong, a place of quietude among clamour.

Each kit is offered in a box made from 100% recycled paper pulp. This comes wrapped in a recyclable sleeve that includes information about the architecture of the relevant store, as well as a playful guide to the area’s vernacular—offering insight into the distinctive locale that inspired it. The collection will appeal to recipients with an interest in design, and all who feel the pull of distant cultural horizons.

Igneous RRP: HKD/MOP 360

Industrious RRP: HKD/MOP 520

Congruous RRP: HKD/MOP 825

Precipitous RRP: HKD/MOP 1,500