AGATHA Tailor-make a Sweet Little Gift for You

AGATHA believes in one ideal concept: Beauty, are privilege of all women; and the best delicate jewelry, is what every women worth owning for. Every piece of our accessory is an art piece and we would like our gifts to be the same.

As a result, AGATHA has carefully selected a long history artesanal brand that has just entered Hong Kong from Barcelona; Papabubble, to tailor made a very decent gift for all our dearest customers. Every candy is made by hand, and cut out piece by piece; with two different designs, in the center, you will be able to find the brand name “AGATHA” or our long last signature logo “Scottie d’ AGATHA” (Scottie dog) in our brand color, midnight blue, as the layout. Moreover, AGATHA has purposely selected the “Pina Colada” favor to give you a whole new sense of taste.
?Starting from the 18th March 2011 to 21st April 2011, upon your purchase at AGATHA up to HK$680, you would immediately received one pack of candy! Gift items available while stock lasts! Come and shop at AGATHA now!

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