agnès b. Autumn/Winter 2013- VOYAGE Collection

The iconic b. logo plate makes a comeback in agnès b. VOYAGE autumn/winter 2013.  Revisited with various shapes and sizes, “Opera” collection plays a leading role.

The b. logo plate is one of the iconic design details of Voyage.  Being the ambassador of timeless and forever chic of Voyage, this season the b. logo plate is making a comeback in the “Opera” series.  By juxtaposing b. logo plate with leather, nylon, jacquard and flannel wool fabric, a collection of tote, clutch, wallet and mini bags is given birth.  Apart from plain color options, the bi-color body construction plays with b. logo plate in striped epoxy.

An attention to details and restrained sophistication are seen in material matching.  For tone-on-tone option, nylon and leather are matched perfectly well with single color b. logo plate while for bi-color leather tote, black is always the secondary color panel in the lower part.

Two new handbag styles are also introduced to enrich the design language of b. logo plate.  A classic doctor’s bag in matte black cow leather transcends elegance and femininity while the hobo bag in shiny PVC fabric strives to make a fashion statement.

The choice of small leather goods is infinite with long and short wallets, card case and small pouch.  The b. logo plate continues to be the definitive detail.