5 Apr 2024 By May Ng

agnès b. CAFÉ presents a brand new Spring-Summer menu Offering the elegant flavors of French cuisine

As spring approaches, agnès b. CAFÉ welcomes the season with a new menu and beverage selection, offering refreshing choices infused with elegant French flavors. Get ready to embark on a sensory journey of vibrant hues, enticing aromas, and delightful tastes, where each bite becomes a cherished ritual, enriching your daily life.

Classic French Crêpes Make Their Debut For Crêpe EnthusiastsNutritious Sourdough Toast: Harmonious Blend of Color, Aroma, Flavor
Summertime Mango Feast: A Sweet and Tangy Delight
Savoring Exquisite French Hot Dishes
Fresh Fruit Specialty Drink: A Dual Delight for the Senses of Taste and Sight

agnès b. CAFÉ 2024 New Menu_冰搖茶系列-Shaken Tea Collection
agnès b. CAFÉ 2024 New Menu_芒果香蕉奶昔_Mango banana milkshake top with vanil...
agnès b. CAFÉ 2024 New Menu_Café
agnès b. CAFÉ 2024 New Menu_水煮蛋牛油果醬酸種麵包多士_Poached egg with guacamole on ...