German luxury brand AIGNER presents the latest 2013 Eyewear Collection – a fusion of prestigious tradition, refined craftsmanship and finest materials, elaborating the irresistible Munich feeling. Officially founded by Etienne Aigner in Munich 48 years ago, AIGNER today offers comfortable frame styles for looks of classic and cool chic, with all frames shaped to fit Asian contours and delicately embellished with AIGNER’s signature horseshoe logo.


Men’s Collection


The use of real carbon fiber, a trendy material for men’s luxury accessories inspired by Automotive and Aerospace technology, has made these exquisitely designed and crafted frames AIGNER’s a pleasure for him. High stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion make carbon fiber a popular material for car and aeronautic components. A spring hinge is also added to ensure comfort for Asian contours. Shiny Black, Demi and Shiny Dark Gun are available.


Besides, aviator sunglasses ornamented with classic AIGNER monogram pattern make a chic look for driving and outdoors activities. While titanium frame promises incredible lightness, durability and compatibility with the human body, the UVA 400 and polarized lens, ergonomically designed, strive to provide enhanced protection. Shiny Gun and Shiny Black are available.


Women’s Collection


The shaped frames with the signature pattern of AIGNER’s horseshoe logo delicately carved are perfect for her Asian contours, as well as her classic and elegant look.  Delicately embellished with world-renowned Swarovski crystal from Austria, they create a savoirvivre and sheer style for modern ladies. Shiny Black, Demi & Burgundy are available.