14 Nov 2021 By May Ng

Pent-up wanderlust, streaming inspiration and technology are driving future travel trends

The annual Travel Trends from travel technology leader Amadeus sheds some light on a new era of globetrotting.

From active eco-tourism and “friendcations” to the digital transformation of business travel, travel is returning and back on the agenda.

The trip of a lifetime is no longer wishful thinking. After dreaming of freedom for the past two years, people are finally beginning to release their pent-up passion for travel, with substantial increases in searches for trips to once-in-a-lifetime destinations, according to the leading travel technology company Amadeus.

Some interesting new search and flight locations are emerging: from flight searches up by one third to Tanzania, a country famous for safaris, to flights doubling to cities close to the home of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Amadeus is seeing a boom in demand for statement tourism

And this is just the beginning. The Amadeus 2022 Travel Trends identify six new developments which will shape the future of the market:

  • Savoring the now: Travelers will embrace that trip of a lifetime
  • Friendcations: In large gatherings and small, 2022 will be the year of the grand reunion
  • Active Ecotourism: The time for just talk is over. Today’s travelers are more interested in taking action, with a growing demand for trips supporting diverse global communities
  • Business Travel, Ready For Take Off: Changes are on the way for the business sector, with technology ushering in expense-free mobile travel payments
  • Wanderlust Streaming: Travelers are dreaming of going to new destinations, inspired by their viewing habits, while tech is transforming these dreams into real-life transactions
  • Futuristic and fast: The return of supersonic flights and hyperloop travel links, leveraging vacuum technology, will make lightning quick travel accessible to an increasing number of people
01 SavoringTheNow
03 ActiveEcotourism
05 WanderlustStreaming
06 FuturisticAndFast