Aman Skincare announces the launch of a new product, the Miracle Mud Mask (£62.50 / 50ml), available from September this year. Developed to nourish and restore radiance, the mask is the perfect remedy for skin that’s seen too much sun over the summer months. Providing a peaceful ritual for reconnection, the earthy aroma of the mask calms and centres. With key ingredients including black Peruvian mud and cactus oil, the Miracle Mud Mask is part of Aman Skincare’s Grounding pathway and is designed for dry to normal skin.


Applying to a cleansed face and neck, the botanical mud mask breathes new life into dry, listless skin with a blend of indigenous ingredients. Rare black Peruvian mud, sourced from the Andes, helps to boost the immune system and rejuvenate skin, thanks to its high levels of titanium. This, as well as a rich combination of mineral salts and health-essential elements including zinc, magnesium, manganese and copper, make it effective in maintaining healthy vibrant skin. The cactus oil in the formula penetrates to the skin’s deepest level, dramatically improving hydration, and provides protective vitamin E, regenerative fatty acids and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. These highly effective ingredients are blended with aloe vera, shea and cocoa butters, which seal in moisture to reveal softer, smoother skin.