10 Mar 2023 By May Ng

Ambroxyde 17 New Classic candle

AMBROXYDE 17’s magic comes from a synthetic molecule that will blow your nose away. It’s what gives natural ambergris its arresting, can’t-quite-find-the-right-word-for-it smell, and we can’t get enough of it (the cruelty-free version, that is!). So much so, that, despite already using it with a heavy hand in our iconic ANOTHER 13 perfume, we decided we needed it in a candle and named it after this intoxicating element: ambroxyde. A close cousin to ANOTHER 13, AMBROXYDE 17 is ambroxyde, musks, some woods, and a few jasmine petals that come to settle on a pedestal of moss. This radiant creation – diffusive, recognizable, and addictive – should really be sold in six-packs.