Traditional fine dining gives people an impression of pretentiousness and falls short especially when one simply wants a casual eat-out with friends or workmates. AMMO, in keeping with this global trend, has relaunched with a new dining concept, while at the same time surrounding diners with the historical, architectural and cultural significance of its location. With a simple menu design that acts as a tablemat, this is where casual setting meets perfectly with a selection of classy dishes: assuring everyone leaving with satisfied taste buds.

Distinctive quality created with a Spanish influence
Now a contemporary tapas bar and restaurant, AMMO is now headed by Chef Jaime Nuñez, who has over 15 years’ experience in Spanish cuisine working in prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants including Restaurant El Bulli (***), Can Fabes (***), Àbac (**), Casino de Madrid (**) and Restaurante Lasarte (***).


“I like creating food that is simple: not with many ingredients on the plate, but the ones that I season correctly,” said Chef Jamie. “The kitchen team is one of the most important elements for good, authentic Spanish food, as they need to thoroughly understand the ingredients, quality and seasonality that we use in our dishes.”

The exotic and aromatic flavours of Spain, combined with Chef Jaime’s life-long passion of culinary expertise, AMMO has cemented its position of attracting gourmands using market-fresh flavours, top-of-the-line seafood, and a menu with a slew of vegetarian selections. Discerning diners will surely be reveling in excitement.

The colourful and healthy beetroot salad with orange and walnuts (HK$98 + 10%) has every bit of beetroot in there, broken down into four different forms combining methods of roasting, dehydrating, vacuuming and boiling. The plant is thus exquisitely transformed into a rich, immersive dish that offers a multilayered sensation. Also a signature dish, the oyster with lime coconut soup and watercress jelly (HK$138 + 10%) also demonstrates Chef Jaime’s dedication to his crafts: jet-fresh seasonal oysters are soaked in a creamy coconut soup loaded with an aromatic aftertaste; the briny flavour is counterbalanced by the refreshing mix of herbs and consolidated jelly.

AMMO also offers fun, comfort foods such as the salivating short rib burger with caramelized onion and cheese (HK$118 + 10%), and the boldly spiced buttermilk and paprika fried chicken with honey mustard sauce (HK$118 + 10%)—especially designed for casual settings—delivering unexpected flavour combinations to your palates.

An arsenal of signature drinks
The cocktails are the signatures of AMMO, where diners will find an invigorating range of signature, artisan cocktails created for the perfect night out.

Based on the traditional drink in Spain, Sangria (HK$120 + 10%) is an explosive, tropical experience featuring fruity red wine and a citrus-based liquor beneath a velvety raspberry foam. White Sangria (HK$120 + 10%) is loaded with tons of gorgeous fruitiness from the flesh of seasonal fruits, with a splash of sweet orange and peach flavours. The alluring Smoky Bulb (HK$120 + 10%) not only has an eye-catching, playful appearance, but it is also delicate at its core. This cocktail is infused with oak wood smoke, adding hints of roasted nuts and subtle bitterness into the fruity flavours. The result is a wonderment of taste, touch, smell and sight.

Featuring a multitude of layering and an enticing selection of fruits and liquor, these drinks will not only appeal to your taste buds, but also bring out the macrocosms of flavours that cannot be found elsewhere. These cocktails are intuitively accompanied by snacks to pair with the flavour, further awaking your palates with fresh fruit skewers, caramelized fruits, honey-glazed popcorns, nachos, and much more.

Also featuring two exclusive Spanish craft beers, one rated as “the best beer in the world” by iTQi, AMMO offers the intricate details on the drinks department, on top of the sophistication that its sensational dishes carry.

Inspirational setting rich with historical significance
Spiced up further by its historical location of a former explosives compound created by the British army in the mid-19th century, while the cinematic interiors were created by Joyce Wang of Wang Studios, who took inspiration from the 1965 film noir masterpiece, Alphaville, AMMO situates itself in a setting unmatched anywhere in Hong Kong.

But these elements only adds on top of the charismatic charm that AMMO has for its customers—to provide a casual dining environment with a central theme of Asia, Modern, Museum and Original, effectively communicating the overall culinary and dining experience.

Address: Lower Level, Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, HK
Reservation: 2537 9888
Opening Hours: Sun to Thur – 1200 – 2300 /
Fri, Sat & Public Holidays – 1200 – 2400