30 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Aqua’s Stunning New Ankh Tasting Menu Shows Why Japanese and Italian Dishes are Perfect Side by Side

The new limited-time 7-Course Ankh Tasting Menu introduces contemporary Italian dishes presented by Chef Ilaria Zamperlin interspersed with Japanese dishes by Chef Iwahashi Tatsuya – each exquisitely paired with Italian wines and Japanese sakes.

Aqua, the highly acclaimed and glamorous restaurant located on the 17th floor of H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui, is proud to unveil its exciting new 7-course Ankh Tasting Menu, a celebration of the restaurant’s finest contemporary Italian and Japanese dishes presented side by side, in a delicious and seamless dining journey.

The menu is named after the ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol for the “key of life,” which is also the logo of aqua and its inspiration – “where there’s water there’s life.”  The exquisite menu showcases an array of seasonal seafood, fresh vegetables and herbs, each dish thoughtfully accented with elements connected to water, underscoring its vitality and abundance. The culinary journey highlights the interconnectedness of water and the flourishing of all living things.

For over twenty years, aqua has pioneered serving Italian and Japanese dishes together. Both Italian and Japanese cuisines are renowned for their meticulous selection of the finest seasonal ingredients, and their dedication to simplicity. This approach not only preserves but highlights the distinctive characteristics of the main ingredients, allowing their natural flavours to shine through.

To enhance the culinary journey, the menu showcases a novel dining experience by skillfully combining Italian wines with Japanese cuisine, as well as introducing the unexpected twist of pairing Japanese sake with exceptional Italian creations. This unique union creates a harmonious and surprising blend of flavours, further elevating the dining experience.